Our medical team consistently goes above and beyond to give our clients the best care possible! Those efforts are rewarded when we receive words of thanks and acknowledgement from our valued clients. We are proud to share some of them.

Inspiring people at CAN

"One of the most inspiring people I have met at CAN is Barb. On many occasions I have seen her do things to help and make a difference to people she provides care to. Those hilarious jokes cannot hide how big your heart is or how loving you really are.  I was having a bad day one day and she was the first and only person to say, ' Are you ok? Is there anything I can do to help?' She had no idea how much that made a difference to me and how touched I was to know that she cared enough to reach ou

I’ve never felt so welcomed

"My visits here are always very pleasant with Barb and Dr. Walsh along with all the staff here. I've never felt more welcomed or treated so well at a doctor's office. Everyone here truly takes patient care and treatment seriously and goes above and beyond."

I feel like family!

"I am treated pleasantly and with respect. I am confident in my care. I feel loved and I feel like family."

I feel very comfortable sharing…

"Thank you for the service you provide. Everyone greets you with either a smile or a hug. I especially love the concern shown to the client as it calms my concerns that I may have any issues that may overwhelm me. The support system is stellar, above none other. I feel very comfortable in sharing and in doing so all my needs and concerns are met. Thank you for all you do."

These are some very caring and respectful, helpful people.

"The Doctors, Nurses and staff .....these are some very caring and respectful, helpful people."

Going above and beyond…

"Arica goes above and beyond, always treats the patients like they are family. Our nurse returns calls promptly and greets everyone with a smile."

Makes me smile

"Nikki always takes time out of her day to make me smile, even if she is helping another patient. Coming to see Dr. Warner is like going to visit a longtime friend. Everyone from the front desk to the nursing staff, and then seeing the doctor, makes you feel welcome."

We are so glad we found you.

"We are so glad we found you. The service is excellent!"

Always knows what to say

"George is great - he always knows what to say."

Keep on keeping on

"Just keep on keeping on. I appreciate your true concern for your patients."

Looks forward to seeing nurse

"Cheryl is my buddy, and I always look forward to seeing her at my appointments."

Pleased with care

"I am very pleased with the care provided by the clinic staff!"

Ready to jump in

"Forest is excellent with the patients and always ready to jump in to help with a procedure."

They are awesome!

"Jill is awesome! I love her. PS - so is Barb!"

The clinic is a godsend

Thank you to all our patients we are happy and privileged to serve!